Most Expensive Mineral Water Bottle in India 2022

If you want to know which is the most expensive mineral water bottle, then you are at the right place.

In this post, we have listed top 5 mineral water bottles in India. You can take a look at these top mineral water brands and check out their pricing.

The most expensive mineral water in India is Beverly Hills 9OH2O with a price tag of Rs 65 lakh. However, not all mineral water from the brand is this expensive, only the water bottle with gold and diamond is the most expensive water in India.

Most Expensive Water in India

Most Expensive Mineral Water Bottle in India

1. Beverly Hills 9OH2O

Beverly Hills 9OH2O is not only the most expensive water bottle in India but also in the world. It is the recipient of World’s Best Water Award.

The high price tag is not because of water but because of the jewellery attached to the bottle. This bottle was designed by a famous jeweller, making it a piece of luxury. It has a white gold cap that has over 600 G/VS white diamonds and over 250 black diamonds, totalling 14 carats.

The 1 litre water bottle is priced at Rs 65 lakh.

About water: The water comes from a spring that is 5,000 feet up in the Southern California Mountains. This water is naturally alkaline, and rich in minerals and electrolytes.

2. Bling H2O

Bling H2O was the most expensive water in India before it was dethroned by Beverly Hills 9OH2O. It used to be (still is?) famous among rich celebrities.

This bottle water brand takes water from Palomar Mountain in southern California. There are regular water bottles that are not as high, but the “The Ten Thousand” bottle – a limited edition collection – is one of the most expensive ones in India. As per the official website, this bottle is hand-applied with more than ten thousand Swarovski bottles and is priced at Rs 2 lakh.

About water: It’s interesting to note that during blind tests, people could not differentiate between Bling H2O and tap water!

3. Aava Natural Mineral Water

Third in the list is the Aava Natural mineral water. The water comes from the Aravalli Mountain Range which is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.

It is a multi-award winning mineral water. It has received 2 Gold Stars for Superior Taste award in Belgium. It has also received 2017 World Taste Award.

About water: As per the manufacturer, it is natural and organic. No technology such as RO, UV, Ozonisation or chemical treatment has been used to purify the water. The water is naturally filtered through clay and alluvial soil.

4. Evian Pure Natural Mineral Water

This water was made famous when news of Virat Kohli swearing by it made rounds in the Indian media. Evian brand water bottles are exported from France not only in India but all over the world. The price of this water ranges from Rs 600 per litre to Rs 36,000 per litre.

About water: This is 100% natural water, and it is extracted from Évian-Les-Bains in France. It is known to have a specific taste.

5. Evocus H2O

Evocus H2O is touted as India’s first “black alkaline water”. As per media reports, some high profile athletes take it on a regular basis. The black alkaline water comes with 70+ natural minerals. The pH level of water is 8+. According to the brand, this water reduces acidity, increases alertness, enhances metabolism and improves endurance.

About water: Water is sourced from a rare location in Texas, US. The color of water is black as it is an alkaline water that has more than 70 minerals in it. The water is naturally black because of these minerals and there are no color or chemicals added to the water.


The most expensive mineral water bottles are not costly because of the purity of water but because of the bottle. Luxury water brands are beginning to enter India but still, most of them are yet to make a foray. While Beverly Hills 9OH2O and Bling H2O are luxury water brands, Aava, Evian and Evocus are more of everyday brands which makes them affordable.

Hence, there is huge difference between the pricing of both types of brands.

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