Kent Pearl Water Purifier Review 2022

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Kent Pearl RO + UV + UF Water Purifier with TDS Controller

  • 8 Litre storage and 20 L/hour filtration speed
  • 50% water recovery
  • TDS Controller
  • 2 LED indicators
  • Filters water from all sources
  • 1 Years Warranty + 3 Years of Free Service

Kent Pearl water purifier is one of the premium water purifiers from Kent. Its storage capacity is 8 liters and it features RO, UV and UF purification technologies. It features multi stage purification technology that can purify water with up to 2000 ppm TDS level. On top of this, it is also equipped with a TDS controller, to regulate the TDS level of water.

Table below gives key specifications of Kent Pearl water purifier.

NamePearl Mineral RO
Storage Capacity8 L
Purifying TechnologyRO + UV + UF
FiltersSediment (additional), Activated Carbon, UF, Post Carbon, UV
RO Membrane TypeThin Film Composite RO
Filtration Capacity20 L/hr
Body MaterialABS Food Grade Plastic
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min)0.3 kg / cm2 or 4.3psi / 10°C
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max)3 kg / cm2 or 42.7psi / 35°C
UV Lamp Watt-age11 Watt
Input Voltage100 – 300 V~ AC / 50 Hz, 800mA
MountingOn Wall / Counter-Top
Weight10.8 kg
Auto-Flushing SystemYes

Kent Pearl Water Purifier Review

In this review we will cover all the key aspects of Kent Pearl. Let’s go into the detail one by one.

Design & Build Quality

Kent Pearl can be mounted on a wall or you can also place it on table-top / kitchen counter.

I features a transparent water tank. This transparent water tank gives it a decent look and it also gives confidence to the user that the water is pure. This tank is detachable, so that you can remove it for proper cleaning. You do not need help from any professional for opening this tank.

Below the water, there is a sturdy water tap for water dispensing. Ordinary plastics can leak chemical into water over time, but this water purifier is made up of ABS food grade plastic, which is durable and safe.  


Kent Pearl comes with multi stage purification. RO, UV, UF and TDS controller are its most important stages. Let’s see all its stages in detail.

RO purification with TDS Controller

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter removes chlorine and chlorine by-products from the water. Municipal water is treated with chlorine and sometimes water contains excess chlorine, which is not good for health. This carbon filter also removes organic compounds that give odour and taste to water, thus making water odourless and taste-free.


Ultrafiltration (UF) blocks remaining physical / visible impurities from the water.

This is an essential step so that water is clean enough to be fed into RO membrane. Unclean water with visible impurities can damage RO membrane.

RO filtration

Kent Pearl comes with decent quality thin film composite RO membrane. It filters heavy metals and toxins such as mercury, led, cadmium, pesticides, arsenic etc. Water is passed with great force through this 0.0001 micron pore-sized membrane to filter ultra-fine particles.

UV Purification

Powerful 11 watt UV bulb inactivates harmful bacteria, protozoans and viruses and from the water so that it is effectively disinfected.

Post Carbon Filter

This filter works as a polisher for the water. This gives water enhanced taste ‘texture’.

TDS Controller

TDS controller is essential feature of almost every RO water purifier because RO purification can reduce the TDS of water by up to 90%. TDS controller makes sure that the TDS of water does not go down from the acceptable limit.

All you have to do it, during the time of installation, just ask the technician to set the desired TDS by adjusting the screw of TDS controller. Healthy TDS level is 150 to 250 PPM. And usually bore-well water has high TDS.

Zero Water Waste Technology

Kent Pearl comes with zero water waste technology, which is effective in saving water wastage due to RO filtration. Regular water purifiers waste 65- 80% water during filtration, but ‘zero water waste’ tech only wastes 50% water. It means it is twice as effective in saving water as compared to regular RO water purifiers.

It is able to achieve this by passing the waste water to overhead tank with the help of internal pump. Thus, water mixes with the water in tank and gets diluted.

Water Storage Tank

Capacity of the storage tank is 8 litres and it is detachable for cleaning purpose. As per our experience, any water tank with a capacity of 7 litre or more is decent enough for mid and large-sized Indian households.

Purification Capacity

Kent Pearl’s purification capacity is a decent 20 litres per hour. It is quite high. This capacity coupled with large 8 litre water tank is more than enough for regular needs.

Auto Flushing System

Auto flushing system prevent scaling or fouling of membrane by rapidly rinsing the RO membrane with water regularly. This increases the life of RO membrane.

Thin Film Composite RO membrane

This film composite membrane is one of the most commonly used RO membranes and it has decent quality.

Hi-Power UV bulb

UV bulb is responsible for deactivating bacteria and viruses. Usually, water purifiers come with 8 watt UV bulb, but Kent Pearl is equipped with 11 watt UV bulb. A stronger bulb means more effective disinfection.

LED Alert System

The alert system of this water purifier contains 2 LED indicators. One is power indicator and other is service indicator. Power indicator lights up when you switch the water purifier on and Service indicator glows when it is right time for servicing.

Built in SMPS

Kent Pearl is equipped with a built in SMPS.  This SMPS works as a voltage stabilizer. Thus, the water purifier is safe from voltage fluctuations.

Fully Automatic Operation

Once you switch on the water purifier, it will automatically start the purification process and will stop the purification once the tank is full. Thus, it is fully automated.


Kent pearl comes with 1 year warranty plus 3 years of free servicing.


  • 6 Stage Purification
  • Zero Water Waste technology
  • Powerful UV bulb
  • Detachable Water Tank
  • Built-in SMPS


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • No Pre filter included with the purifier

Kent Pearl Water Purifier: What Customer Review tell Us?

Kent Pearl is a popular Kent RO water purifier. It is not much different from Kent Grand range of water purifiers. One convenient feature loved by most customers is its filter change alarm and UV fail alarm feature. Even if you forget to change the filters, the alarm will remind you when it is the right time to change filters and UV. Another reason for its popularity is its slightly better price point when compared to Kent Grand or Kent Grand+.


This water purifier comes with RO, UV, UF +TDS controller technologies which is efficient enough for purifying tap water, municipal water and bore-well water. High-power UV bulb ensures effective deactivation of harmful germs. SMPS ensures protection from voltage. It also has two LED indicators for ease of use.

Overall, users are satisfied with the transparent tank that is detachable as well. One last thing, some customers have found stains on the water storage tank on the inside of the tank if it is not serviced regularly.

If you have any questions check out FAQ section below or comment on this post. We will be happy to respond.

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Is Kent Pearl good water purifier?

Kent Pearl is one of the premium water purifiers from Kent and one of the most popular water purifiers in its range.

Can Kent Pearl purify borewell water / hard water?

Yes, Kent Pearl can purify borewell water.

Is Kent Pearl good for me if TDS of my water is 50 PPM?

No, Kent Pearl is an RO water purifier, which is ideal for water with TDS of at least 200 PPM. If it is less than 200 PPM then you should go for UV water purifiers.

Can you suggest another Kent water purifier with similar features?

Kent Grand Plus is another Kent water purifier with almost equally good features.

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