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Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus are some of the most popular water purifiers in the market today. However, both these water purifiers have some differences. We bring you this post to help you understand these differences, between Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus.

Kent Grand Vs Grand Plus

Kent Grand

Kent Grand is one of the oldest RO brands from Kent. Since its launch in mid 2000s, it has been one of the flagship RO water purifiers of Kent. Kent launched Mineral RO water purifiers in 2006 and within few years it has come up with new models such as Kent Grand and Kent Pearl. In fact, Kent Grand and Kent Pearl are some of the oldest brands of Kent RO water purifiers.

Kent Grand Plus

Kent Grand Plus was launched in 2009 by Hema Malini as a ‘computer controlled’ water purifier that has filter change alarm, UV fail alarm and water level indicator. Kent Grand used to lack these features even then! Recently, storage capacity of Kent Grand Plus was increased slightly. We have discussed all the features in the comparison table below.

Today, Kent Grand has undergone few minor changes, but the essence of this water purifier remains same- One step ahead of Kent Grand.

Kent Grand Vs Kent Grand Plus: Quick Comparison

Factors Kent Grand Kent Grand Plus
Purification RO + UV + UF RO + UV + UF
Filtration Stages 7 7
Type Electric Water Purifer with Water Tank Electric Water Purifer with Water Tank
Mounting Wall Mounted Wall Mounted
Energy Consumption 60 Watt 60 Watt
UV Lamp Watts 11 Watt 11 Watt
Filter Cartridges Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF and Post Carbon Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF and Post Carbon
AutoFlush System Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Year + 3-Year Free Service 1-Year + 3-Year Free Service
Tank Capacity 8 Litres 9 Litres
Inlet Water Temp. 10°C to 35°C 10°C to 40°C
Water Level Indicator No Yes
Maximum Duty Cycle 75 L/day 100 L/day
Purification Speed Up to 15 Litres/Hour Up to 20 Litres/Hour
Dimensions L 400 x W 250 x H 520 L 390 x W 255 x H 535
Check Price  Check Price on Amazon  Check Price on Amazon

This table will help you understand the differences quickly. We have discussed the differences in greater details further in this post as well.

It’s not hard to see that Kent Grand Plus comes with few addons on top of Kent Grand. We have highlighted wherever Kent Grand Plus scores better than Kent Grand.

Now the main question is what are the main factors you should consider while choosing between Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus. Let us discuss these key factors.

Difference Between Grand & Grand Plus

Let us discuss all the differences one-by-one.

Cost of Maintenance

All RO water purifiers require decent amount of maintenance. Any regular RO water purifier can come with maintenance cost of ~1,500 rupees per year. Kent Grand has similar cost of maintenance. Kent Grand Plus’s cost of maintenance is ~2,000 rupees.

Verdict: In terms of cost of maintenance, Kent Grand is a clear winner.

Tank Capacity

Kent Grand Comes with 8 litre storage tank, while Kent Grand Plus comes with 9 litre storage tank. To be frank, 1-litre difference is not huge. Also, any water tank with capacity of 7 litre or more should be sufficient for any regular Indian household.

Why does tank capacity matter?

Biggest reason why tank capacity should be considered is that in event of power outage, you should have access to pure drinking water. If you look at tank capacity alone, we feel that there is not much difference between both the water purifiers.

Verdict: No significant difference

Purification Capacity

Purification capacity, which is also called flow rate, indicates how fast the purification takes place. Kent grand can purify water at a speed of 15 litres per hour, while Kent Grand Plus can purify at a speed of 20 litres per hour. Should it matter?

To understand this, let us understand importance of purification capacity. One of the biggest drawbacks of RO water purifiers have been their slow speed of purification. Compared to RO water purifiers, some UV water purifiers can even purify at a speed of 120 litres per hour.

Usual purification capacity of RO water purifiers is around 12 litres per hour. This means that both Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus are better than other RO water purifiers in terms of speed.

To visualize the difference between the two, we did some maths. Kent Grand will be able to fill the water tank in 32 minutes i.e., 8 litre in 32 minutes, while Kent Grand Plus can fill tank completely (9 litres) in 27 minutes.

Purification capacity as well as tank capacity matters in areas with frequent power cuts. Again, 20 litres per hour speed is high, but is it really important? Usual households do not need more than 30 – 40 litre of pure drinking water in one full day. You be the judge.

Verdict: Kent Grand Plus has slight edge over Kent Grand in terms of purification speed as it is 33% more than Kent Grand. This feature may not make much difference for home use, but can be useful for people looking for office use.

Inlet Water Temperature:

Inlet water temperature means temperature of water that the water purifier can tolerate. Kent Grand has an upper limit of 35 °C, while Kent Grand Plus can tolerate up to 40 °C hot water. This can be useful if you are living in very hot areas. Otherwise most Indian households are better off with either of the models.

Verdict: Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus are two premium water purifiers. Both are good for most of the areas. If you live in really hot area, then you may consider Kent Grand Plus.

Water Level Indicator:

One of the biggest drawbacks of Kent Grand is the lack of water level indicator. This is because most of the RO water purifiers in the market come with these indicators which make them convenient to use. Why?

This is because if you are not aware of the water level, you will have to either keep the water purifier on continuously, or turn it on when the water tank gets empty. In first case, there will be more power wastage and in second case, you will have to wait for the tank to start filling if you want drinking water.

Verdict: Kent Grand Plus is a clear winner as water level indicator has multiple benefits.

Maximum Duty Cycle:

Maximum duty cycle means the amount of water that can be filtered in a day. Kent Grand has maximum duty cycle of 75 L / day, while Kent Grand Plus comes with 100 L / day MDC.

As discussed above, normal household would not need even 50 litres of drinking water per day, so this feature is not of much importance if you are looking for water purifier for home use.

Verdict: Kent Grand Plus is a better option if you are looking for water purifier for rigorous use such as office use.

Similarities Between Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus

Now that we know the differences, we can discuss the similarities. The aim is to familiarize you with the terms used in the specifications.

Purification Technology:

The purification technology is RO + UV + UF. RO is reverse osmosis, which is the best purification tech for out there. It not only removes harmful dust, particulates, germs but also removes harmful heavy metals that can not be removes by any other technology for home use. UV disinfects the water from microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. UF membrane is good at removing fine particles from water.

Filter Cartridges:

Since there are many stages of purifications involved, there are many cartridges that come with the purifiers. Sediment filter removes larger particles. You must have seen an additional filter attached to the water purifiers. That is sediment filter (also called pre-filter). Pre Carbon filters are responsible for absorbing excess chlorine and its by-products. It also removes bad odour and bad taste. Post carbon filter imparts shine to the water. Usually, you will have to change these cartridges once a year.

AutoFlush System:

One of the challenges with RO purification is that RO membrane is quite sensitive and hence requires proper maintenance. Hence, if the RO membrane is cleaned regularly, then its lifespan can increase significantly.

Kent has made this process easy by automating it. Meaning you will not have to get it cleaned manually. This system keeps the membranes of the filter clean by rinsing off the impurities off them on a regular basis. This prevents scaling and improves the life and efficiency of the water purifier.


Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus, both are great water purifiers. Many features present in these RO water purifiers are better than most other RO water purifiers in the market. Kent Grand Plus is one step ahead of Kent Grand in terms of terms of tank capacity, purification capacity, maximum duty cycle, inlet water temperature. All these can matter if you have really large families or you want a water purifier for office use.

However, one crucial difference that should be considered is the presence of water level indicator in Kent Grand Plus which makes its usage more convenient. Hence if water level indicator is not a key criterion for you, and you are buying the purifier for home use, then you can purchase Kent Grand. On the other hand, if you are looking for a water purifier for more number of people or if you feel a need for water level indicator, then you can opt for Kent Grand Plus.

This brings us to the end of comparison of Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier. We hope this post helped you in selecting the right water purifier for your home.

You can check best price of Kent Grand and Kent Grand Plus here.

So, which one did you choose? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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