Best Hot and Cold Water Purifiers [2022]: Reviews + Guide!

If you are looking for hot and cold water purifiers, then you are at the right place. There are not many good hot and cold water purifiers in the market. We understand this, and therefore we bring you the list of best hot and cold water purifiers so that you can make a buying decision.

Best hot & cold water purifier

What is Hot and Cold Water Purifier?

Many Indian states experience extreme winter and summer seasons, and people enjoy drinking cold water during summers and hot water during winters. Cooling and heating pure water can take lot of time and effort. Hot and cold water purified removes this extra step of cooling and heating the purifier water.

Hot and cold water purifiers come with separate faucets (taps) for hot water and cold water. Even the tanks are different for hot water, cold water and room temperature water. They typically come with switch to use the hot and cold functionality.

They are a good option not only for homes but also great for schools, offices and other workplaces. Here is the list of best hot cold water purifier in India.

Best Hot and Cold Water Purifiers 2021

AO Smith Z9 Green RO + SCMT Water Purifier

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AO Smith is a US multinational brand that is famous for its hot and cold water purifiers. In fact, there are not many reputed brands in this space. This is the reason why you will find more than one AO Smith water purifiers in our list. AO Smith is reputed for its geysers. They have used this expertise in bringing some of the best hot and cold water purifiers in the Indian market. AO Smith Z9 is one such water purifier.


  • It is made of virgin food grade ABS plastic
  • It comes with RO + SCMT technology
  • It has hot water and cold water options
  • It features 10 L capacity, which is high
  • Wall mountable / table top water purifier
  • It comes with soft touch buttons
  • It has a mineralizer to replenish water with minerals
  • It has technology to reduce water wastage
  • It comes with alert for membrane fail and filter fail
  • It has advanced recovery technology for reducing excess water wastage

A. O. Smith Green Z9 water purifier features comprehensive 8 stage water purification. These 8 stages are : Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon block + Advance Recovery Technology + Side Stream RO Membrane + Mineraliser Technology + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter.

Usually high-end water purifiers have 6 or 7 stages of purification. But this water purifier comes with 8 stages. This additional stage is SCMT – Silver Charged Membrane Technology. This ensures zero potential secondary contamination once water passes through the RO membrane. This double protection ensures 100% pure water.

It is one of the very few water purifiers that gives you temperature options in hot water. You can choose between 45°C and 80°C. You can use 45°C hot water for drinking and 80°C hot water for cooking food.

With this hot water option, you can make quick cup of tea or coffee, soak cereals / beans, make tonic with herbs etc. without using microwave or stove within no time.

It comes with a modern display system that displays the temperature of water, alert when filters have to be replaces etc.

AO Smith Z9 water purifier has all the features that are required in a premium RO water purifier. It comes with its own SCMT technology that replaces UV/UF/MF filtration system. It is also sleek in design and will go well with modern house decor.


  • It comes with modern design and features
  • It has hot water and cold water options
  • It comes with child-lock near hot water display
  • It has a high capacity of 10 L
  • It reduces wastage of water
  • Among the best hot and cold water purifiers


  • It has higher price tag

Blue Star Stella 8.2-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

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Blue Star is one of the most famous brands when it comes to hot and cold water purification. Not many know that it also has a decent hot and cold water purifier- Blue Star Stella. This water purifier can not only give excellent water purification, but it can also dispense water at 5°C (cold) and 85 °C hot water. Read further to know more.


  • RO+UV water purification
  • 8.2 liter capacity
  • Hot + cold water functionality
  • Touch buttons
  • Double layered protection
  • Child lock feature

It comes with purification technologies- RO + UV. RO removes impurities such as arsenic, lead, pesticides, nickel, cadmium, mineral ions etc., while UV uses UV-C radiation to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Since this is an RO purifier, it is suitable for high TDS water.

Its display panel comes with water full indicator, cold water on indicator, hot water on indicators.

Blue Star Stella comes with 8.2 liter water tank. Out of this, 4.2 liter capacity is for room temperature water, 3.4 liter capacity is for cold water and 0.6 liter capacity is for hot water. This means that it has decent cold water capacity, while slightly less hot water capacity.

Cold water comes at 5°C, which is similar to refrigerator temperature, while hot water temperature is around 85 °C, which is decent enough to cook quick tea/coffee, kadha etc. without the help of a microwave or stove.

The water storage tank is made up of food grade plastic, which ensures long life of the purifier and it prevents any leakages of toxic chemicals that one can experience with ordinary plastics.

The design of this water purifier is ultra-modern and comes in elegant black/silver color. Even the pricing of this product matches its aesthetics as it is priced on the higher side.

This water purifier also comes with a child lock to prevent any accidents due to hot water. This is quite good feature because hot water can result in burn injuries if due precautions are not taken.


  • Hot and cold water
  • Modern design
  • Touch sensors
  • Child lock
  • Ideal for purifying brackish / hard water


  • Price is on the higher side

A.O.Smith Z1 UV 10 Litre Water Purifier

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AO Smit Z1 is a UV water purifier with high 10 liter capacity. It comes also comes with two temperature options. One of the main differences between AO Smith Z1 and AO Z9 is that Z1 is UV water purifier, which means that it is ideal for water with TDS level less than 200 PPM. Thus, if you have a high TDS water, then you can go with Z9 water purifier.


  • Advanced indicators such as auto flush, tank full indicator etc.
  • Child lock button
  • Wall mountable / table top water purifier
  • 5 stage purification

This water purifier comes with 5 stage water purification. These stages are Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Silver Activated Post Carbon + UV Lamp + UFSS* (For Hot water only). This is more than enough for low TDS water.

Pre filter and sediment filter remove suspended impurities from water, activated carbon removes bas odour and tase from water apart from removing chlorine and its by-products. UV lamp kills bacteria and viruses.         

Its capacity of 10 litres is sufficient for almost all Indian households. It come handy during power cuts. If your home experiences frequent power cuts, then this feature can be helpful for you.

The UV lamp is a powerful 11 watt bulb. This is more than regular UV lamps of 8 watts, ensuring better disinfection of water.

It comes with a modern digital display, that is good to look at and easy to use even in the dark. The display features UV lamp on indicator, filter change alert, power on indicator, hot water indicator, temperature display and child lock button.

Benefit of child lock is that disables the hot water tap to prevent any inadvertent accidents. Also, it comes with a glow feature that glows in the dark to help you locate the water purifier without switching on the lights.


  • 10 liter capacity
  • Two temperature options
  • Powerful UV lamp
  • 5 stage purification


  • Not suitable for water high TDS

Bepure 4G Hot Normal Cold RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

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Bepure is one of the few water purifiers that is actively bringing hot and cold water purifiers in the Indian market. Bepure 4G hot and cold water purifier comes with 9 litre water tank with separate storage for room temperature water, hot water and cold water. It also comes with 8 stage purification technology including RO+UV+UF+TDS  controller along with mineralizer.


  • 9 litre storage capacity with 1 litre for hot water, 1 litre for cold water and 7 litres for room temperature water.
  • Cold water temperature is 15 – 20°C, hot water temperature is 80 – 90°C
  • 8 stage purification involving RO+UV+UF+TDS  controller
  • Smart LED display screen
  • High rate of purification at 15 litres per hour
  • Warranty of 1 year on all electrical components

Bepure hot and cold water purifier is an RO water purifier with 8 stage purification. UF membrane removes physical impurities, RO membrane removes ultra-fine impurities, UV deactivates microorganisms and TDS controller regulates the TDS of water. This water purifier is suitable for high TDS water / hard water.

Hot water and cold water are dispensed from separate taps and have separate switches. Flow rate of hot water is 2 litres per minute, while rate of flow of cold water is 1 L per minute. Out of overall capacity of 9 litres, 1 litre each is meant for hot water and cold water. Temperature of cold water is 15 – 20°C, while hot water temperature is 80 – 90°C. Hot water temperature is decent and can be used for variety of purposes, while Bepure could have done better job with cold water temperature.

Storage chamber is made of stainless steel 304, which lends durability and long life to the tank. Also stell is better container than plastic. Also, the tank has UV protection functionality inbuilt to ensure disinfection even during storage.

It comes with smart LED functions that  includes ‘tank full’ indicator’, purification process indicator, hot water indicator and settings to help in troubleshooting. It also has indicator to alert user when filter’s life nears its end.

Its rate of purification is 15 L per hour. While UV purifiers have higher flow rate, as far as RO purification is concerned, this is decent purification capacity.


  • Smart display feature for better usability
  • Hot as well as cold water
  • Big service network
  • Big water tank
  • Decent flow rate for regular, hot and cold water


  • No child lock

Bepure 3G Hot and Normal 7 L RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

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Bepure is one of the other brands in India that has successfully launched some hot and cold water purifiers. Bepure 3G 7 litre water purifier was launched in 2020 and it is a 7 litre capacity water purifier. It comes with stainless steel hot water tank that ensures pure hot water and long lasting performance.


  • 7-litre capacity with 6 litre for normal water and 1 litre for hot water
  • Hot water temperature range from 80 degrees to 90 degrees
  • 7-stage purification process
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS controller makes it ideal for high TDS water
  • 4 LED indicators to monitor the working
  • Flow rate of 2 litre per minute

Bepure 3G 7 litre water purifier comes with 7 stage water purification. These stages are Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Activated Carbon Filter + RO Membrane + UV + UF + TDS Controller + Mineralizer.

This water purifier has a capacity of 7 litres, out of which 1 litre is meant for hot water. Hot water flow rate is a high 2 litre minute. It means 120 litre of hot water per hour. The temperature range of the water is also good at 80°C to 90°C. However, there is no cold water option available. It comes with a switch for hot water. Electricity is only consumed when the switch is on ‘on’ state.

It comes with 4 LED indicators to monitor the performance of the water purifier. These indicators are Filter Full, Rinse, Water Shortage, Heating Standby.

Since this is an RO water purifier, it is ideal for water with TDS level of less than 200-300 PPM.


  • 80 – 90 °C range of hot water temperature
  • High flow rate of hot water at 2 litre per minute
  • Attractive pricing
  • RO water purifier
  • Stainless Steel UV chamber


  • No cold water
  • No Temperature option

Hi-Tech Fusion CT RO + Hot & Cold Water Purifier

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Hitech is an ISO certified brand that was founded in 1995. It specializes in water purification system such as water purifiers, Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, alkaline water systems and so on.


  • 5-stage water filtration
  • 10 litre capacity
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Child lock feature
  • Voltage fluctuation protector
  • Smart auto fill and smart cut off

This water purifier comes with 5 stage filtration process. These stages are pre-sediment, sediment, CTO, RO, post carbon.

The pre-sediment filter separates water from particles of size 5 micron such as mud, rust, , dirt & debris. Sediment filter is the second stage and it is designed to eliminate suspended solids of 10 micron size. A sediment filter functions like a net that traps contaminants that were passed through pre-sediment filter. Third stage includes CTO filter. This filter removes contaminants that are compounds of carbon such as organic compounds that can cause foul odour and unpleasant taste of the water.

Fourth stage involves RO filtration. RO filter removes impurities that are greater than 0.0001 microns such as heavy metals, salts, ions, micro-organisms and so on. Final stage involves carbon filter. It removes chlorine and other organic compounds.

Its water tank is made of stainless steel. Also it has separate faucets for hot and cold water which some with their own hot and cold indicators. Cold water temperature range is 5 to 10 °C, while hot water range is 85 to 95°C.

This water purifier also comes with child lock feature to protect the users from any accidental burns.


  • Dispenses hot and cold water
  • RO purification
  • 10 liter capacity
  • Child lock


  • Brand is not very well known
  • Not much information available about its service network

Best Hot and Cold Water Purifiers – Buying Guide

There are few things that you should look at before buying a hot and cold water purifier.

Purification Technology

Most important aspect to look for while buying a hot and cold. water purifier is the purification technology.

Below table gives a good summary on the type of water purification technology to be used based on impurities. You can check the level of TDS in water with a TDS meter.

As a rule of thumb, go for RO water purifier if TDS level is high and go for UV + UF/MF if TDS level is low.

TDS LevelMuddy WaterPresence of GermsIdeal Water Purifier
Less than 500 PPMNoYesUV
Less than 500 PPMYesYesUV+UF
Less than 500 PPMNoNoCandle-based
Less than 500 PPMYesNoUF
Above 500 PPMNoNoRO+TDS Controller / Mineralizer
Above 500 PPMYesYesRO+UV+UF+TDS Controller / Mineralizer
Above 500 PPMNoYesRO+UV+TDS
Controller / Mineralizer
Above 500 PPMYesNoRO+UF or
RO+UV+UF TDS Controller / Mineralizer

Reading Suggestion: RO vs UV vs UF vs MF technologies

Hot and cold water temperatures

Hot and cold water purifiers can come with different temperature options. Some water purifiers do not come with ‘cold’ water function and give only room temperature water, while some water purifier give ‘cold water’ at 15 to 25 degrees. This is not sufficient. Therefore one should carefully look at the temperature ranges before purchasing. Also, some water purifiers such as many AO Smith water purifiers come with multiple hot water temperature options. You can use the lower temperature for drinking, while you can use the higher temperature water for making quick tea / coffee kadha etc.

Hot water temperature is usually between 80 degrees and 90 degrees.

Purification Capacity

Once you have decided on the purification technology and temperature preferences, it’s time for you to decide purification capacity (also called flow rate). Typically, UV water purifier will have higher purification capacity as compared to RO water purifiers. Try to go for UV water purifier with a flow rate of at least 60 litres per hour and RO water purifier with at least 10 litres per hour.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity will depend on your family size, usage and frequency of power cuts in your area. Higher storage is extremely helpful in areas with frequent power cuts. As a rule of thumb, try to buy a water purifier with at least 7 litre capacity.

Material of Tank

Tank material becomes important when you have to but water purifier that will store hot water. Try to avoid plastic water tanks. ABS food grade plastics are always better, while first preference should be given to steel tanks.

Safety features

When you are buying hot and cold water purifier, safety becomes important because there are always chances of inadvertent accidents especially because children are attracted to lights and with buttons.

Therefore it is always preferred that the water purifier has child lock feature. This will help reduce the chances of accidental burns.


Hot and cold water purifiers come at higher price. It can range from Rs 10,000 – 12,000 to Rs 35,000. Try to go with higher priced water purifiers as far as hot and cold water purifiers are concerned.


Typical warranty on hot and cold water purifiers is one year. Do not buy a water purifier if the warrant period is any less. Also, it is always recommended, that you read the terms of warranty thoroughly before purchasing so that you get an idea what all is covered and what is not covered in it.

Advantages of hot and cold water purifier

  • It gives instant hot water that you can use to make quick meals such as soup, instant noodles, tea / coffee, kadha etc.
  • Hot water ensures that the water is free from active germs and it is considered good for health as per Ayurveda.
  • Stored boiled water is less likely to get re-contaminated.
  • Cold water dispenser comes in handy when you want cold water quickly without opening the fridge

FAQs- Best Hot and Cold Water Purifiers

Which is the best brand for hot & cold water purifier?

AO Smith is the best brand of hot and cold water purifier.

What is the usual temperature of hot water and cold water?

Typical temperature of hot water is between 80 degrees and 90 degrees, while typical temperature of cold water is around 5 degrees.

Are hot and cold water purifiers UV purifiers or RO purifiers?

Hot and cold water purifiers come with UV as well as RO technologies.

Should I buy hot & cold water purifier online?

Yes you can buy good quality hot & cold water purifier online. Thousands of customers are buying them online on a daily basis.

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