7 Best UV Water Purifiers (2022): Reviews & Buying Guide!

Based on various international studies, there is a clear indication that for lower TDS water, UV water purifiers are best. Hence if water pollution in your area is not very high, then you should opt for a UV + UF or UV + MF water purifier. This will ensure that water retains all the necessary nutrients which are necessary for healthy mind and body.

Hence, If you are looking for UV water purifier then you are at the right place because we will share a list of some of the best UV water purifier in India.

Best UV water purifiers

UV water purifiers are ideal for water with TDS lower than 300-500 range. Therefore, if you TDS level of your water is below this range then you can buy a non-RO water purifier. Learn more about how to check TDS of water with a TDS meter.

Don’t forget to read our buyers’ guide at the end of the article so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Best UV Water Purifiers in India 2021

KENT Maxx 7-Litres Wall Mountable/Table Top UV + UF Water Purifier

Brand: Kent

Type: Wall mount + Table top

Why We Recommend?: Comes with powerful UV lamp and decent 7 L capacity


  • Multiple purification – UV+UF
  • Suitable for tap water with TDS of less than 200
  • Purification capacity is 60 liters per hour
  • Detachable storage tank
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Storage capacity is 7 litres
  • Warranty period of 1 year

Key Features of Kent Maxx Water Purifier

Kent Maxx is a wall mounted water purifier that is compact and can fit in even smaller spaces. It comes with 60 litres of purification capacity, which is more than sufficient for any mid to large sized Indian household.

This water purifier purifies water through multiple purification processes – UV+UF. UV deactivates bacteria, and virus, while UF removes particulate matter such as cysts and inorganic impurities from water so that you get safe drinking water.

This water purifier also features a high power 11 Watt UV lamp. This ensures that all harmful microorganisms are deactivated and your water is safe to drink.

KENT Maxx also features a detachable storage tank. You can clean it at home without help of any professional.

On top of it, this water purifier comes with a decent 7 litres storage capacity. This means that even if there is power cut for considerable period of time, you will have access to safe drinking water.

KENT Maxx comes with alerts for filter change and UV change. These alarms indicate the time for replacement of UV lamp and filter. It is always recommended to take these indicators seriously.

This water purifier is made of ABS food grade plastic. This is a god quality plastic that does not leak any chemicals into the water, which is a major risk of poor quality plastic.

Other features include push-fit design that prevents leakages. Also, it comes in a pleasant transparent cover.


  • Decent capacity of 7 litres.
  • Good purification capacity of 60 litres per hour.
  • Ideal purification for water with low TDS level.


  • It is not suitable for water with TDS greater than 200.

A.O.Smith Z1 UV 10 Litre Wall Mountable Water Purifier

Brand: A.O. Smith

Type: Wall mount + Table top

Why We Recommend?: Effective 5 Stage purification and high capacity of 10 litres

  • 5 stage purification process
  • 10 liters tank capacity
  • Hot water feature
  • Ideal for municipal water
  • 11 watt UV lamp
  • 1-Year Warranty (except UV lamp and filters)
  • Tank made up of high quality virgin food-grade ABS
  • Wall mountable / Table top water purifier

Key Features of A.O. Smith Z1 Water Purifier

A.O. Smith Z1 water purifier is an 5-stage UV water purifier that comes with Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Silver activated carbon + UV lamp + UFSS (for hot water).

Pre-filter and Sediment filter removes particulate matter from water, while UV deactivates harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and virus. Silver activated post carbon removes organic impurities that are responsible for bad taste and odour, thus removing foul smell / taste from water.

A.O. Smith is a pioneer in hot water technology. They have use this expertise in this water purifier by giving you two temperature options of 45 °C and 80 °C. There are only few water purifiers with hot water in the market. And finding a UV water purifier with hot water option is even more difficult. Thus, it is ideal for you if you are looking for a UV water purifier with heating option. You can use this option for making baby food, soaking cereals, preparing quick cup of tea and so on.

It comes with an attractive and modern digital display. This display features

  1. Tank full indicator to alert you when the tank is full so that you can switch it off once purification is finished.
  2. Auto Flush indicator is on during the entire UV purification process.
  3. Advance alert indicator starts glowing when filters need replacement.
  4. Hot water icon glows whenever the tank has hot water ready for consumption.
  5. Child lock feature prevents accidental flow of hot water.
  6. UV Life Alert indicates when UV lamp has to be replaced

UV water purifiers with digital display and so many indicators are very few in the market.

It is also India’s first UV water purifier with night assist glow effect. This feature guides you in the night towards the purifier by glowing in the dark. This gives it a modern appearance as well.

Also, the material of the tank is virgin food-grade ABS plastic. This plastic is of high quality. This means that it will not leak harmful chemicals into the water. Regular / poor quality plastic can sometimes leak chemicals over a period of time.


  • 5 stage purification process for advanced filtration.
  • High tank capacity of 10 liters.
  • Hot water functionality.
  • Digital display with range of indicators.
  • Tank material is high quality plastic.


  • Price is higher than other UV water purifiers.

Aquaguard Marvel 8L UV e-boiling+UF with Active Copper Water Purifier

Brand: Aquaguard

Type: Wall mount + Table top

Why We Recommend?: Mineral retention + Copper infusion and 8 litres capacity


  • Capacity of the tank is 8 liters
  • Active Copper Technology to infuse copper into the water
  • UV e-boiling technology for disinfection
  • The Ultra Filtration for added purification
  • Flexibility of mounting it on a wall or placing it on a table top
  • 1 year warranty
  • Storage tank made up of Food Grade Plastic
  • Can treat multiple sources of water such as tanker, borewell and tap

Key Features of Aquaguard Marvel UV + UF Water Purifier

Aquaguard Marvel UV+UF is one of the most popular UV water purifiers. It comes with many features such as chemical removal, copper infusion, mineral infusion apart from UV and UF filtration. Due to this, it comes in top 3 of best UV water purifiers.

This water purifier comes with 6 stage purification process. These stages are I-Filter, Chemi-Block, UF, Mineral Guard, UV e-boiling, Active Copper.

I-Filter is first stage where visible particulate matter such as dirt, mud and sand is filtered. Second stage is Chemi-Block. This process removes chemicals such as excess chlorine and organic impurities from the water. This removes any bad taste and odour.

Third is Ultrafiltration (UF) stage. UF membrane purifies the water further by removing suspended impurities. In the fourth stage, water is passed through Mineral Guard. Here, essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium are added into the water. Fifth stage is UV e-boiling technology. Water is treated with UV rays to disinfect water from harmful germs. Finally, water is treated with Active Copper technology where it is infused with copper ions. Copper is considered to improve metabolism in Ayurveda.

It has a decent capacity of 8 liters, which is more than enough for majority of Indian households. This ensures safe drinking water even during power cuts.

Since this is a UV water purifier without RO, it is suitable for water with low TDS of 200.

Its UV e-boiling technology comes with a powerful UV lamp that treats water in a way that is equivalent to boiling water for 20 minutes. Active Copper technology and Mineral Guard ensure that the essential minerals necessary for human body are infused into the water. Thus, water is healthy and safe for drinking.


  • High storage capacity of 8 litres.
  • Excellent 6 stage purification.
  • Active Copper technology provides benefits of copper.
  • Mineral Guard add essential minerals.


  • Price can be a concern for some buyers.

HUL Pureit Classic G2 UV Water Purifier

Brand: HUL Pureit

Type: Wall mount + Table top

Why We Recommend?: UV water purifier at attractive pricing along with Germ Kill Kit


  • 4 stage purification
  • Mount it on wall or place it on table top
  • Germ Kill Kit for effective disinfection
  • Auto Shut Off feature to prevent you from drinking unsafe water
  • Water Saving mode to prevent accidental water wastage
  • Purification capacity of 60 to 120 litres per hour

Key Features of HUL Pureit Classic G2 Water Purifier

HUL Pureit range of water purifiers are usually priced higher, but HUL Pureit Classic is an affordable HUL water purifier that can be mounted on a wall or placed in table top.

HUL Pureit Classic G2 UV comes with advanced 4-stage purification. On top of it, this water purifier features a powerful 11 watt UV lamp. It produces high intensity UV rays to ensure properly disinfected and safe water. This UV lamp comes with a lifespan of 10,000 working hours, which is quite good.

Most of the HUL Pureit water purifiers meet stringent criteria of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) USA. HUL Pureit Classic G2 is also EPA compliant. This means that it has a capacity to deactivate 10 crore bacteria and 1 crore virus in every litre of water. Not many brands have this certification.

It features Germ Kill Kit (GKK), which is the engine of this water purifier. You will have to get it changed once you get an alert through Advance Alert System. It will warn you 12 – 15 days in advance before Germ Kill Kit life expires. And if you fail to replace the kit, the water purifier will automatically shut off with the help of its Auto Shut Off feature. This will keep you safe by preventing you from drinking impure water. The GKK has a long life of 3 years.

This water purifier also comes with a Water Saving Mode. This feature prevents accidental wastage of water by shutting off water dispensing if it senses continuous flow of water for 15 minutes. Thus, this mechanism can be helpful in cases when you forget to switch off water dispensing. Also, the purification speed is between 60 and 120 litres per hour, which is decent.

Also, this water purifier is sleek and compact. It will take less space and will go well with any modern kitchen.


  • Advanced Germ Kit Kill and EPA compliance.
  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Flexibility to mount on a wall or a table top.


  • No tank.

Kent Ultra Storage 7 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier

Brand: Kent

Type: Wall mountable

Why We Recommend?: Powerful UV lamp + built-in SMPS + 7 litres capacity


  • UV+UF purification
  • Wall-mounted water purifier
  • Purification capacity is decent at 60 liters per hour
  • Storage capacity is 7 litres
  • Suitable for of tap water any supply that has lower TDS
  • Warranty period is 1 year

Key Features of Kent Ultra Storage Water Purifier

Kent Ultra Storage UV water purifier comes with water level indicator that is placed on the storage tank.

Its double purification by UV and UF ensures safe drinking water. Its hollow fiber UF membrane efficiently filters out any suspended impurities ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 microns, while UV disinfects from germs such as bacteria and virus. This gives two-way protection.

It also has activated carbon technology to remove bad odour and tase by removing organic impurities from water.

Water storage capacity is decent 7 litres, which is ideal for mid-sized Indian families.

It comes with 2 indicators. UV fail alarm and Filter change alarm and. Both the indicators will alert you when UV or filter needs replacement. On top of it, if you fail to replace them within few days then it will shut off automatically. This ensures that you do not consume impure water by mistake.

It also features a high power 11W UV lamp. This ensures thorough deactivation of germs.

This water purifier comes with built-in SMPS (switching mode power supply). It means that it can withstand voltage fluctuation without getting damaged. It can handle decent range of 100-300V fluctuation. And because SMPS is better than regular power adapter, it ensures better protection and energy efficiency.

It also comes with spin-welded UF membrane housing that is protects the UF membrane effectively.

Its purification capacity of 60 litres per hour amounts to 1 litre per minute. This is more than enough for majority of Indian households.


  • UV + UF purification ensure decent purification.
  • Built-in SMPS secures the device from voltage fluctuations.
  • Auto-shut off feature provides additional layer of security.


  • Not suitable for water with high TDS level.

Eureka Frobes Aquasure Maxima UV Water Purifier

Brand: Aquasure Maxima

Type: Wall mount

Why We Recommend?: UV water purifier at attractive pricing


  • 3 stage purification process
  • It is suitable for municipal water
  • UV bulb is of 8 Watts
  • Uses advanced Cross Beam UV technology
  • Hi flow rate of 2 litres per minute
  • Cartridge capacity is 6000 litres
  • Comes with a glass holding tray
  • Germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nanometers

Key Features of Aquasure Maxima UV Water Purifier

Aquasure Maxima is one of the best UV water purifiers from Eureka Forbes. It comes with 3 stage purification process. Its crossbeam UV technology produces germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nanometers to kill harmful germs, thereby disinfecting water from bacteria and virus.

This water purifier works well even in high level of turbidity of 15 NTU. Also, it is suitable for water sourced from municipal corporation. Since municipal water is usually sourced from lakes, rivers, its TDS is less than 200. If TDS is more, then you should purchase RO water purifier.

Aquasure Maxima comes with high purification speed of 120 litres per hour. It amounts to 2 litres per minute, which is more than sufficient for majority of Indian households. However, its storage capacity is slightly less at 2 litres. This can be a problem if there is an extended power cut. If you live in an area that witnesses long power outages, you should go with a water purifier with higher capacity to ensure safe drinking water during that period.

UV-fail alarm present in this water purifier will alert you when UV lamp will needs a replacement. Typically, UV lamp has a lifespan of at least one year. The cartridge present in Aquasure Maxima has a long life of 6000 litres. It means if your daily water requirement is 15 litres, even then it will last for more than year.


  • 3 stage purification gives effective purification.
  • High purification speed of 120 liters per minute.
  • Cartridge has long life of 6000 litres.


  • 2 liters storage capacity can be less for some households.

A.O. Smith X2 5 Litre UV + UF Water Purifier

Brand: A.O. Smith

Type: Wall mountable

Why We Recommend?: Effective 5 Stage purification and modern design


  • 5 stage purification
  • 5 liters water tank
  • Purification capacity of 30 litres per hour
  • Suitable for TDS upto 200 ppm
  • UV + UF technology for double protection
  • Modern and compact design
  • Digital display
  • Tank is made of virgin food-grade ABS plastic
  • Power usage is 60 watts
  • 1-Year* Warranty on all electrical and functional part, except UV lamp and filters

Key Features of A.O. Smith X2 Water Purifier

A.O. Smith X2 is a 5 stage UV water purifier. Water flows through 5 stages – Sediment filter, Fine sediment filter, Carbon filter, UF and UV.

Sediment filter removes particles that are visible from naked eyes such as dirt, dust, mud and sand. Fine sediment filter further removes particulate matter from water. Carbon filter absorbs inorganic impurities. This removes any foul smell / taste from water.

After this, UV disinfects the water by eliminating disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and virus, so that water is healthy and safe to drink. Finally, UF filters the water further, and makes it free of cysts and other very small particulate.

It comes with a modern digital display that features four indicators. Power icon indicates that the purifier is switched on and working. Tank full indicator alerts you when the tank is full, so that you can switch it off if you want. UV lamp icon indicates you that the UV lamp is working. And finally, UV change indicator is meant for alerting you when the UV lamp needs replacement.

A.O. Smith X2 is sleek in design and comes in modern dual colors. It is compact and can easily fit into your kitchen cabinets. Also, its modern look will complement new-age kitchens as well.


  • Excellent 5 stage purification.
  • Modern digital display.
  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Decent 5 liters storage capacity.


  • Power wattage is slightly higher at 60 watts.

Best UV Water Purifier- Buying Guide

What is UV Water Purifier?

UV water purifier uses UV light/rays to kill microorganisms in water such as bacteria and virus. This is achieved by passing water through a UV chamber containing UV bulb/lamp. This is considered one of the most effective methods to disinfect water. On top of it, this is a chemical-free method, so there is not risk of exposure.

UV disinfection deactivate water from following micro-organisms:

  • Cryptosporidium (causes diarrhea)
  • Giardia (causes diarrhea)
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis (causes tuberculosis)
  • Dysentery bacilli (causes dysentery)
  • Salmonella (causes diarrhea)
  • Streptococcus (causes Scarlet fever, Cellulitis)
  • E. coli (causes diarrhea)
  • Vibrio cholerae (causes Cholera)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Fungi
  • Some virus

As you can see, UV helps on disinfecting water from microorganisms only. There is always a possibility of water containing impurities such as dirt, rust, chemicals, dissolved solids, heavy metals such as arsenic, flourides and so on. Thus, UV water purifier will always come with filters to remove some or all of these impurities.

That’s why you will see different types of UV water purifiers such as UV + RO, UV + UF, UV + RO + UF. If RO or UF is not mentioned even then there will be other type of additional filter in the water purifier.

How UV Water Purifier works?

UV purification is usually the last stage of any UV-based water purifier because it work effectively in clean water. In this process, water flows through UV chamber that contains UV bulb. This bulb gives off UV rays that attacks the DNA of bacteria and virus. This damage in the DNA disables their reproduction capability and effectively makes them harmless. You can note that this process does not remove the micro-organisms from water, but simply deactivates them.

UV Chamber consists of following parts:

Outer chamber: It is a cylindrical outer casing that holds all the components inside. It is either made up of stainless steel or aluminum. (Stainless steel is preferred). It protects the internal components from wear and tear.

Quartz Glass Sleeve: It is cylindrical glass specially designed for holding UV lamp inside it.

It protects lamp from water because UV lamp cannot be directly inserted into the water. Quartz glass sleeve is an important component that is transparent to UV wavelength. Thus, all the UV rays pass through this glass onto the flowing water.

UV lamp: As discussed earlier, UV lamp produces UV light to deactivate germs. This lamp works by directing current over mercury. When electricity comes in contact with mercury, it produces UV light. Longer UV exposure to water is considered better because it is more effective in killing germs when water is UV treated for longer time.

Controller Unit: This unit regulates and controls the UV system. It controls the electricity flow to the lamp, so that UV lamp works in an effective manner. This control unit is also responsible for indicators and alerts such as UV-fail alarms or issue-indicators.

Advantages of UV Water Purifiers

  • UV purification removes most of the disease-causing micro-organisms.
  • UV purified water tastes as good as any other clean water. That is, there is no change in the tase of water.
  • There are no chemicals used in this process, thus it is perfectly safe and is thus, widely used method of water disinfection.
  • UV can kill vast spectrum of bacteria that are even resistant to other forms of water disinfection such as Giardia & Cryptosporidium.
  • UV water purifiers are power efficient and does not use much electricity.
  • UV water purifier disinfect 100% of water without any water wastage.
  • UV water purifiers have high rate of flow of water. It can range from 30 L per hour to even 120 L per hour.
  • UV water purifiers do not necessarily require a storage tank to store purified water.
  • UV water purifiers are comparatively quite affordable as compared to RO water purifiers
  • UV water purifiers are not difficult to maintain.

Disadvantages of UV Water Purifiers

  • UV water purifier works in relatively clean water. You can use it if TDS (impurities) level of your water is less than 300 – 500 range. Else you will have to use water purifiers with RO + UV technology.
  • UV only disinfects water from germs. Additional filter has to be used with UV filters to remove suspended impurities and other dissolved impurities such as fluoride, pesticide, arsenic.
  • UV water purifier does not have the ability to run on electricity.
  • UV quartz sleeve will require regular cleaning if your water is rich in minerals because these minerals tend to deposit on the quartz glass covering the UV lamp. This can reduce the effectiveness of UV purification.
  • UV lamp usually has a life of 1 year. It has to be changed once its life ends.

Factors to consider before buying UV water purifier

Type and level of TDS of Water

For UV filter to work effectively, water should be clean because impurities present in water scatter UV light, which results in less effective disinfection.

TDS ValueTurbid waterBacteriaIdeal purifier
Below 300 PPMNoYesUV
water purifier
Below 300 PPMYesYesUV+UF
water purifier
Over 300 ppmNoNoRO water Purifier
+ TDS controller
Over 300 ppmYesYesRO+UV+UF purifier
+ TDS controller

As you can see in the table, you can use standalone UV water purifier if there is presence of bacteria in it but there is no dirt (turbidity) when the TDS is low (<300 as per WHO). In all other cases, you will have to use additional filter for purification.

In simple terms, if TDS level of your water is less than 300-500 range then you should use UV + UF water purifier and if TDS is more then you should use RO+UV water purifier along with TDS controller (or mineralizer)

However, it is important to note that if your water contains heavy metals then you have to use RO because no other filtration process can remove heavy metals such arsenic, nitrates, flourides and such.

UV Lamp Quality

Every UV lamp/bulb has a life after which it stop working. Make sure that it is either 1 year or 6000 hours. If it is less than this then you should nit buy it. UV lamp replacement can add to your annual maintenance cost, thus try to buy purifiers with longer UV life. Also some purifiers come with more powerful UV lamp. It might give better disinfection, but it will also add to you electricity bills. You should check the wattage of the bulb to understand its power.

Mode of Operation

Some water purifiers require you to switch off the power as soon as the tank is full, while some switch off automatically. This is called auto shutoff mechanism. Since the water purifier cuts off power, it will also stop UV purification. This helps in preserving the life of UV filter because life of UV filter depends on the number of hours it is used for. Thus, of you want long life for your UV lamp, you make sure that the purifier is off when not needed or buy a water purifier with auto shutoff.

Purification Capacity

Purification capacity of water is the amount of water purified in one hour. This rate is different in different purifiers. Usually standalone UV water purifiers will have higher flow rate as compared to UV + RO or UV + UF purifiers because additional filters means additional step in purification. Water purifiers can have purification capacity between 10 and 120 L per hour.

You can find out the ideal purification capacity for your family based on the size of your family.

UV Fail Protection

This is an important feature that you should look for in UV water purifiers. First is a UV fail alert, which is a small indicator on water purifier that alerts you when life of you UV bulb is about to end. It will alert you few days in advance depending upon the model. Second is auto shutoff feature in when UV lamp fail. This will shut of the water purifier automatically once the life of UV lamp is over. Some water purifiers come with both the protection system to ensure safe drinking water.

Power Consumption

UV water purifiers require power to operate. Purifier with 50 to 60 Watt power is decent enough for Indian households. This level is quite less.

Type of Installation

UV water purifiers can be wall mounted or tabletop water purifiers.

Some water purifiers come with dual installation, which means you are free to place them on wall or on tabletop as per your convenience, while many other water purifiers will not give you this flexibility.

Therefore it is important to read about installation before purchasing a water purifier. Installation process is undertaken by the service professional from the brands (mostly for free).

Storage Capacity

Most UV water purifiers either come with no storage or very less storage. Storage tank can be useful if you live in areas with frequent power cuts so that you have pure water even during this period. If you will be able to manage the power output then you can go with UV purifiers without storage as well. 


Standalone UV water purifiers come at lower costs compared to ones with additional filters such as RO or UF. Standalone UV water purifiers can start from INR 5000. UV + UF are slightly more costlier while RO + UV are further more expensive. Pricing also depends on brand and models.

Warrant & Support

It is always recommended to buy from reputed brands to get reliable after-sales services. Also, you should check the warranty and parts included in the warranty thoroughly before purchasing water purifier. Typically, UV lamp is covered in warranty, while UV chamber / reactor is not covered.

Pro tip: If the warranty says that it covers all electric parts then it will cover UV lamp

If you are still confused, or if you don’t want to get into hassle of knowing your water TDS, then the we will recommend you to buy RO + UV water purifier with TDS controller or mineralizer. RO will remove all harmful better than any other filter and TDS controller will regulate necessary level of TDS in your water so that the water is safe to drink.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are UV water purifiers expensive to maintain?

UV water purifiers need timely replacement of UV lamp and if you live in area with hard water then regular cleaning of Quartz sleeve. Both the processes are easy and do not cost much. Cost of UV lamp is reasonable at INR 250 – 350.

Are UV water purifiers safe?

UV purification is one of the safest disinfection methods. It does not use any chemicals for disinfection. UV rays produced by the lamp deactivates the germs in water and it does not react with water in any way. This is the reason why UV-based disinfection is so popular all over the world.

What is the difference between UV, RO, UF?

UV purification is one of the safest disinfection method. It does not use any chemicals for disinfection. UV rays produced by the lamp deactivates the germs in water and it does not react with water in any way. This is the reason why UV-based disinfection is so popular all over the world.

Which are the best UV water purifier brands?

AO Smith, Kent, Eureka Forbes, HUL Pureit, Havells are some of the best brands for UV water purifier.

How often should you change UV lamp?

UV lamp usually comes with life of 6000 hours or more. Depending on your usage, you should change the lamp. However, most experts advise to replace the lamp every year.
If you can buy a water purifier with UV-fail alarm then you don’t have to track your usage.

Is it necessary to have UF or MF along with UV?

Since UV only removes germs, it is necessary to have a filtering mechanism for physical impurities. Hence, UF or MF or any other filter should definitely be present in a UV water purifier.

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