7 Best Kent Water Purifiers [2022] Reviews

Kent is a popular brand of water purifiers in India. Reason for its popularity are: Kent purifiers are of very good quality and it constantly launches new products based on market trends. Kent has exceptional marketing brains behind them and they have worked non-stop to promote Kent purifiers in India. Focus of Kent is more … Read more

Best TDS Meter in India 2022: Reviews & Guide

Best TDS Meter

Knowing the TDS level of your drinking water should be your first priority when planning to purchase a water purifier. TDS meter is a simple hand-held device that you can use to measure TDS easily and quickly. In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons, specifications and reviews of the best TDS meters … Read more

11+ Best Ways to Recycle RO Waste Water

RO Waste-water Recycling

RO water purifiers have become increasingly common these days. If you have owned an RO purifier, then you would know that it comes with a waste-water reject outlet. Many households store this water and use it for household chores. In this article, we will discuss best ways to use RO reject water. Why You Should … Read more